DWC Introduces
Striped Rubber Cable


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Direct Wire Continues to Innovate


DWC strives to provide the highest level of customization in our industry.  We are proud to be the first to offer a permanent stripe to our product lines.  Adding a stripe allows for corporate identification, theft prevention, and color marking.


Stripe Options:
Flex-A-Prene® Welding Cable / Ultra-Flex® / Dura-Flex® Type W / Veri-Flex® Stage Cable  
SGR Battery3311/3284 / 3279 / CL905 / CL1254




Custom Capabilities

flexaprene indent.JPG

Indent Printing

Indent printing gives you the ability to permanently brand and protect your valuable cable. You can print your name, phone number, website, etc. Using our state-of-the-art technology, we continue to find affordable solutions that give you an advantage in the marketplace.

Direct Connect®

Take advantage of our DirectConnect® service and save yourself the trouble of putting on the connectors, leads, and grounds. Putting on assemblies is one of our original value-added services.

Surface Print

Custom print your name, phone number, or website on your cable using our exclusive QuickPrint® service. Key benefits include:

• Retain customers
• Promote your company
• Deter theft


“Direct Wire is redefining wire standards one foot at a time.”